· Exceptional ID, from external through internal: Vertical TG intake blades and “IRIS” (LCD real time stats display) in the front panel, infinite mirror with multiple position to flash up the setup
· Best air flow preset – Pre-installed front fans 2x 200mm Black Sickleflow, rear fans 2x 120mm ARGB Sickleflow, Bottom 1x 120mm ARGB Sickleflow
· Duo chamber body structure accommodates ultimate thermal combinations – Top panel up to 2x 360mm, Front panel up to 420mm, Rear up to 240mm, Bottom bracket 420mm, Side mount up to 480mm
· Tool-less assembling for GPU and hard drives’ installation – Simple pull and click, free up the time and painful process
· ARGB Gen2 availability – Equipped with a software suite in MasterPlus+, facilitating user-friendly management and customization of ARGB Gen2 LEDs and Iris

AIR TO THE THRONE – Created Only for the Best – Cooler Master’s new flagship case, top of the line

To unlock their true potential, cooling components must work, not individually, but together as an ecosystem. The right case can do that for you. HAF 700 EVO unveils a new era of thermal efficiency through unique features designed to transcend the standards of contemporary cooling solutions. Rediscover PC DIY: a form of entertainment, a polished skillset, an exquisite art form, and a way of living. The Pinnacle of Cooler Master’s HAF Legacy.

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Weight 50 kg